Marketing Services

At SPG, once we understand our client's needs, the process of brainstorming and planning begins.

All while keeping in mind the client's goals ranging from pushing sales of its products and services, introducing new products, reiterating the brands benefits, and attracting new customers; all of which share the common goal of driving traffic. And driving traffic is important, but converting that traffic into sales is paramount.

There are multiple media outlets which can be utilized to increase traffic; and, to some degree, they all have their place. We are well equipped to plan and create advertising campaigns for a range of media both online and traditional.

From a customer standpoint, they realize that creating relevant, ongoing ideas that connect with their customer can be a difficult challenge to overcome. Some continue with the methods that built the business years ago. Well, know this, the same old tricks aren't as effective as they once were. A fresh new approach may be what you're missing.

If you're someone who fits into the above paragraph, and you're not ready for an Agency, then here's some free advice. Try changing your viewpoint to the following:

  • Reach and frequency are simply a metric, not a goal.
  • Let the idea drive the medium.
  • Place the idea where it will have the greatest impact with customers.*

*Do your own homework for your marker. Don't rely on your media reps for advice on this one!