Television Advertising

Television advertising remains one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience; for a good reason.

A well-constructed television ad can deliver your message to a large number of potential clients and existing customers...all in 30 seconds or less. But why is TV so effective? The simplest explanation actually comes from the Department of Labor. In short, this study shows that the human mind will retain 10% of what it heard three days after the fact. With sight only, we retain 35% of the information. However, when our visual and auditory responses are triggered, we retain 65% of what we have seen and heard three days after the event. Anyone else ever use the science of the human mind to sell you advertising?

Broadcast Television

Broadcast ,or Network TV, has some very attraction options. You can obtain a large amount of reach for potential customers. We all love CBS in PrimeTime; right? Also, depending on your market, local news programming can offer some great choices to consider as well.

Cable Advertising

Just like the Internet, Cable advertising has come a long way in the last 10 years; tremendous growth year-over-year. Like Broadcast with the advantage of a larger audience, Cable also has its advantages. First, it's cheaper in most cases; and, second, it offers the ability to geographically target your customer base. When considering which option to choose, we understand that many businesses can’t afford the proper frequency to make a Broadcast buy truly effective. Does that mean don’t buy Broadcast? Absolutely NOT! All TV is a wonderful advertising option to consider, but here’s a free tip! Use Broadcast for REACH and Cable for FREQUENCY! When done properly, both forms of TV work beautifully together.