Guide to Social Media

*Note that this article refers only to Facebook but the principles can be applied to any social media or networking site.

Ideas to Entice Customers

  • Target slow days during the week, start a call to action and offer specials.
  • Offer either a free product or % off of a service for the first 1000 people that like your page. (Always put a deadline for your offer)
  • Always post an image rather than just a word post. Like the image, then comment on the image. (Pictures are proven to attract more people to your page than an actual statement)
  • Not all posts need to be informative, use links from other sites you find interesting, or great articles that would be beneficial to your customers. 
  • Make sure that your posts engage your customer. Ask questions that require involvement. Ask them questions about your services, or maybe products that they would like to see. (Start status with the either How to… or Are you…)
  • Use the question as an opportunity to then suggest certain products, services, or current promotions you are offering. (Ex: Q: Are you tired of unruly hair? A: Then come to our new Blowout Bar, and let us tame your unruly mane!!)
  • Make sure that your staff tells customer about your Facebook page. Start getting Clients email addresses to use in the future for special offers and business info updates.
  • Have signs made and placed in your business to “like” your Facebook page.

Tips for a Successful Facebook Page

  • Post Regularly & Effectively - Allow your materials to stay relevant, keep track of your visitors and figure out when is the optimum time to post stuff that links back to your website, or just for their reading/viewing pleasure. The trick is to know what your customers like and to keep them coming back for more. A word of caution: try not to post so often that it starts annoying your customers. You don’t want customers to just “Like” your page and not interact with you or worse, totally block you off their feed!
  • Maintain Interactivity - Commenting, Liking, Sharing… if you want your customers to be active on your fan page, you have to be as active too. People crave interaction and the more you engage with your customers, the more likely they will return to your page. Supportive customers would regularly share your posts with their circle of friends, which increases the possibility of their friends becoming your customers. Along with posting regularly, post more images and the latest and greatest of new info. Break news on your Facebook page if you are the kind to camp out for things like this but do it with a photo within an album so that whenever someone shares the photo/image, it can be linked back to your Facebook page.
  • Don’t Spam or Ignore Them - This part is relevant because you should also know the ways that do not work like tagging customers in photos of your products, posting offers on the walls of your customers, or making your customers Like your page before they have access to information on your page – they can leave just as easily, if you haven’t noticed, and usually with a bad taste in their mouth considering you arm-twisted them into becoming a fan. Also another item on the Don’t-do List: don’t ignore your customers. If they have questions about your product or service, take the time to reply them.
  • Appreciate the fact that they care enough to make the effort to communicate with you and take this opportunity to engage with them at a personal level. Unless they are there to wreak havoc, be as courteous to them as you would an actual customer you meet on the street. Take note that this will also be a way for potential partners to connect with you and explore opportunities with you, so you cannot afford to ignore your customers, one way or the other.