Digital Signage

A business will spend thousands of dollars on external advertising, but spend very little, if anything, internally. You need to "WOW" your customers once they are in your facility, not just when they are sitting on the couch.

Strategic Placement Group delivers the future of digital media signage in the most cost effective form. At SPG, we believe digital signage technology needs to be simple to understand, affordable to adopt and entertaining to watch.

Every location/facility/business has its own personality, and being able to take advantage of it requires the deployment of new content. The media player allows you to present your customers/clients with the information you want to deliver at the most critical time! Internal marketing - don't leave this important component out of the mix.

Materials Needed

An HDTV: TV must be full HD (1920x1080), LCD or LED (NO PLASMA) with at least a 120Hz Refresh Rate. Commercial grade units are available from SPG. Your account rep will give you additional details should you choose this route.

A Media Signage Player: At SPG, we have media players to fit the needs of each client. Our new entry level player runs off of Android 4.4 and is a great unit for RSS feeds, imagery and basic graphic animation.  We also have two higher-end Windows7 systems that are used for more intensive graphic animation, video feed, video loop and Live TV.  The type of player needed depends upon the needs of the customer.  Live TV and HD Video integration will require a more robust system.

A Live Internet Connection: The media player device can simply run off your current Wi-Fi signal.  If you prefer a hardwired connection, then we can build the player to accommodate a Cat5 or Cat6 connection.

What Services Do We Offer?


At SPG, we take care of the entire process. First, we need to know what content you wish to display. Second, we produce/create the visual aspects of that content to fit your needs. Once you have approved the design and layout of your content, we activate the player and you’re set to go!

What about changes to content? Easy! The live Internet connection allows us to monitor the status of your player and make any necessary changes remotely from our office. Should you wish to make changes, simply give us a call or send an email to your account rep with the changes you require and we will process your request. It’s that easy!!!

What is it going to cost?

Pricing for one (1) player is $225 per month. If you have the need for additional players, the cost will be based on the content of each player. For example, if the second player has the same content as the first, then the cost would be an additional $150 per month. If the content is similar, but not exact, then we need to discuss how “similar” it is. Your account rep will have that conversation with you in detail.