Creative Production

If you've already read what we have to say about advertisement placement, let's talk about the spot/ad itself.

Whether we're talking about TV, Radio, Print, or Online, the best schedule or placement in the world will do you absolutely ZERO good if the spot/ad is terrible. Many, many businesses put a lot of money in a good quality schedule, and then run a really poor quality spot..

It doesn't matter what type/format of advertising you're considering, the goal is the same - get potential customer to not only see you, but to respond to your offer. In the case of Image ads, they need to like you and remember you! Here's another one of those "free tips": don't put your kids in the spot. Yes, they're cute, but nobody but you and your family/friends even care that the kids are on TV. That does more harm than good..

Many businesses work a "deal" with a TV station of Cable company to give them free production; well, you get what you pay for there. We're not saying that TV/Cable Production staff isn't capable of delivering quality, and we're not saying you have to pay a fortune for quality, but quality takes time and effort and that has a cost. If they're giving it away, then they're either charging you too much for the schedule to make up the cost, or they're not devoting enough time to quality, or both. Remember, freebies generally don't end up on the top of the thoughtful pile..

Good creative production begins with first understanding your needs and objectives; not just putting a spot together that has the "whatever" you want to run. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance...You must carefully plan, script, shoot, and edit all while keeping those needs and objectives in the forefront of your mind. The final element here, and the most important, make sure that the message in the spot/ad is right to the demographic of the schedule/placement..