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Marketing Services

At SPG, once we understand our client's needs, the process of brainstorming and planning begins; all while keeping in mind the client's goals.  These goals range from pushing sales of it’s products and services, introducing new products, reiterating the brand benefits, and attracting new customers; all of which share the common goal of driving traffic. And driving traffic is important, but converting that traffic into sales is paramount.

There are multiple media outlets which can be utilized to increase traffic; and, to some degree, they all have their place. We are well equipped to plan and create advertising campaigns for a range of media both online and traditional.

From a client standpoint, you realize that creating relevant, ongoing ideas that connect with your customers can be a difficult challenge to overcome.  Some continue with the methods that built the business years ago. Well, know this, the same old tricks aren't as effective as they once were. A fresh new approach may be what you're missing.

If you're someone who fits into the above paragraph, and you're not ready for an Agency, then here's some free advice. Try changing your viewpoint to the following:

  •      Reach and frequency are simply a metric, not a goal. 
  •      Let the idea drive the medium. 
  •      Place the idea where it will have the greatest impact with customers.
  •      (AND THIS ONE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!)  Build your business of tomorrow, with the customers and      technology of today!  Yeah, that means get out of the yellow pages…

Check out a few of our valued clients...

Web Design

At Strategic Placement Group, our web designers have a depth of experience from conception to development to publishing effective websites for our clients.

Now, you can go many places and have a good-looking site built for your business; but, honestly, that’s the easy part.  It might look good, and appear to function as you wish, and if that’s all you want, then go for it.  But, keep this in mind, the question to ask isn’t if you like the way it looks when it’s done.  The QUESTIONS are (1) how does it look to your potential customers online and (2) how does it look to search engines?  The first question does have more to do with aesthetics and ease of use than on programming code.  The second question, however, has almost nothing to do with the “look” of the site.  From the outside (what you see), site content is the most crucial.  On the inside (programming), there are all sorts of things that have to be done the right way in order to be found.  That’s a pretty in-depth and long conversation; so, we’ll leave the geek-speak alone for now.

Another item to watch out for, and some will tell you this is a matter of opinion, is stay away from Open-Source platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.  Are they quick, easy and inexpensive?  Sure.  Will the site last over time?  Not without a lot of maintenance, updates, upgrades and overall time-wasting crap work; which, as you may know, isn’t done for free.  The beauty of most open-source platforms is also their downfall.  In short, constant change.  Which means constant…all of that stuff said two sentences ago…  Is this a matter of opinion?  Yep, sure is, but that opinion is based on the fact that we spent five years building client sites on open-source platforms listed above.  There’s a reason we don’t mess with that stuff anymore…

At Strategic Placement Group, for graphic design and video editing ,we work, mostly, with Adobe applications.  For web design, we work in the Webflow application.  All site projects are built from scratch, with HTML5 as the primary programming language.  This means NO TEMPLATES!  We offer a fully customized online experience tailored to your business’ needs.  That may sound expensive, but our goal is to give you the best possible online storefront to accomplish your goals while keeping the cost as low as possible.

For now, let’s leave it right here – need a new site?  Give us a call and our team with go over all the options that exist to accomplish your goals.  When we’re done, you’ll have a complete understanding of what it will take to create the site your business needs.  We’ll answer all your questions and you can go from there.  You either like what we have to say, or you don’t.  It’s your call.  Pretty simple really…

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Web Publication & SEO

When looking at the term “Web Publication”, or web publishing, you may assume that to mean simply putting your new website online.  That is partially correct.  Yes, your new site needs to be published in order to be online.  However, the term “web publishing” is actually the act of publishing any content on the internet.  That can be a new site, a revised/updated site, an update to one page of a site, blog posts, etc.

At Strategic Placement Group, we will publish your new site once it’s created and approved for online viewing/interaction.  In addition to new site publishing, we also offer update services to existing sites, modifications to existing sites and assistance with blog entries.

Publishing content is really the easy part.  The tricky part is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work that needs to be done.  After all, what good is your site if no one can find it?

Not too many years ago, the process of SEO was fairly simple, but, like most things in our technological world, SEO has become much more in-depth, as well as, an ever-changing environment.  At SPG, we strive to maintain the most up-to-date software tools and knowledge to keep up with the on-going evolution of SEO.

Proper SEO is an invaluable part of any online marketing strategy; an integral part of the overall approach taken to drive potential customers to your online presence.  The ultimate goal, behind a solid SEO strategy, is for your site to pull up on page one of a search engine’s unpaid results.  Not just page one, but as close to the top of page one as possible.  Now, this doesn’t occur overnight.  When we’re talking about organic search listings, a site has to earn the right to be on page one.  That “earning” takes time.  There are many factors that play a part in your search results, and we can write pages upon pages of why and how that works.  For now, here is the general gist of the what…

Site Optimization:

  • Title Tags and Title Modifiers
  • Proper Header Tag Allocations
  • SEO-Friendly URLs
  • Proper Keyword Placement and Density
  • LSI Keywords
  • Engaging and Lengthy Content
  • Responsive Site Design
  • Use of External, as well as, Internal Links
  • Image Optimization
  • Social Media Share Buttons

Site Ranking:

  • This one is a little tough to write out in any real detail.  For one, there’s a whole lot of geek-speak.  Second, the algorithms used to determine site ranking are in constant change.  What’s most important to understand here is this; you want a solid SEO plan of action that keeps up-to-date with the constant change.

Let’s talk about that constant change for a minute.  Specifically, for now, we’re going to talk about local searches.  Did you know that roughly half of the searches on Google are local?  Meaning people searching for things in their local area.  Google has a separate algorithm just for local searches.  Ever notice, when searching for something in your area, you usually see a map with the top three places nearby that relate to your search terms?  That’s called the “local pack”.  An estimated 50% of web traffic, generated from a search engine, is derived from the Google maps results – the local pack.  Over time, that adds up to a whole lot of opportunities to sell your products/services.  So, what happens if your business isn’t in that list?  Well, you miss out on a whole lot of opportunities to sell your products/services…  That’s what happens!!!

Here's the frustrating part for most businesses…  It’s not enough, anymore, to “earn” your position in the local pack, or even your position within the organic search results (hopefully, you’re near the top of page one).  The real challenge is keeping that position.  After you have achieved your desired ranking, you must continue with an effective content marketing strategy, maintain a successful (and accurate) back-link campaign and ALWAYS monitor and manage your online reputation!  Hey, guess what…Yeah, we have tools to help you with all that stuff too!!!

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TV & Radio

Television advertising still remains one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience; for a good reason.

A well-constructed television ad can deliver your message to a large number of potential clients and existing customers...all in 30 seconds or less.

But why is TV so effective? The simplest explanation actually comes from the study of the human mind.  In short, the mind will retain 10% of what it heard three days after the fact. With sight only, we retain 35% of the information. However, when our visual and auditory responses are triggered, we retain 65% of what we have seen and heard three days after the event. No, we’re not making this up; give it a Google and read for yourself. Anyone else ever use the science of the human mind to sell you advertising?

Broadcast Television

Broadcast, or Network TV, has some very attraction options. You can obtain a large amount of reach for potential customers. We all love “our shows” in Prime Time; right? Also, depending on your market, local news programming can offer some great choices to consider as well.  

There are some downsides to consider with Broadcast TV buys; most notably is the cost per spot, and then there’s the lack of industry separation for most business types.

  • With  respect to cost, you’re paying for a spot to run in the entire coverage area of the station, roughly matching your market’s DMA in terms of geography. Let’s say that your DMA is 150 miles, end-to-end, and your business is smack dab in the middle, or, worse, closer to one end or the other. What is the likelihood that a potential customer will travel 75 miles, or more, to purchase your product or service? Some will, sure, but is that enough to justify the cost?
  • In terms of industry separation, are you receiving that from your local network stations?  Or, is your commercial running right before or right after your competition?  This is most prevalent in the automotive industry; however, it can, and does, occur across the board. So, if you’re paying say $600 for a local nightly news spot (less in some markets, more in others), and you’re spot airs directly in front of your competition, is that really worth $600 for a :30 second spot for you?  Unless you either have an absolute ton of cash to sling at the station to drown out your competition, or you’re actually completely crazy, the answer is no, it’s not worth $600.  So, our question is this…  Why do it???

Cable Advertising

Just like the Internet, Cable advertising has come a long way in the last 20 years; tremendous growth year-over-year. Like Broadcast with it’s advantage of a larger audience, Cable also has its advantages. First, it's cheaper in most cases; and, second, it offers the ability to geographically target your customer base.

Now, Cable does have its’ downsides as well.  Chief among them is the lack of reach.  Again, each market is different, but let’s say your market has a 60% Cable Penetration Rate.  Okay, you can now target 60% of the homes in your DMA.  Hey great, that’s the majority so you’re good; right?  Not so much, no, no you’re not good, and for obvious reasons.  That other 40% is still FORTY-FREAKIN’ PERCENT!  That’s HUGE!  Or is it YUGE?  However the heck The Donald says it; whatever, it’s a whole lot…

But, like we’ve already discussed, Cable is usually cheaper per spot, and, almost as important, you can zone the geographic areas of most interest to obtain your new customers.  That’s pretty darn cool; no geographic waste.

When considering which option to choose, we understand that many businesses can’t afford the proper frequency to make a Broadcast buy truly effective. Does that mean don’t buy Broadcast? Absolutely NOT! All TV is a wonderful advertising option to consider, but here’s a tip! Use Broadcast for REACH and Cable for FREQUENCY! When done properly, both forms of TV work beautifully together.  And, you don’t have to be in the same program as your competition!  Playing “follow-the-leader” will always, at best, leave you in second place.

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is a rather unique way to reach your consumers because it allows them to paint their own picture; allowing the use of the "mind's eye".

A carefully crafted radio spot not only ensures your message is being heard, but can also help to develop a strong brand identity in the consumer's mind. SPG has an abundant amount of experience writing, recording, and placing effective radio ads.

The question you may be asking is, is radio really that effective?  A radio sales rep will tell you yes.  But, if you’re reading this site, then you’re probably not listening to them; just sayin’.  A better question is this…  CAN radio be effective?  In some cases, yes.  Another question…  Should radio be the primary media buy?  In almost all cases, the answer is NO!  If you’ve maxed out your online and television strategies, then radio can become a good tertiary buy to help reinforce your message.  In that scenario, it can assist your business in obtaining real estate in the mind of your potential customers.

All forms for marketing and advertising available are considered when creating the proper strategy to accomplish your goals.

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Creative Production

If you've already read what we have to say about advertisement placement, let's talk about the spot/ad itself.

Whether we're talking about TV, Radio, Print, or Online, the best schedule or placement in the world will do you absolutely ZERO good if the creative is terrible. Many, many businesses put a lot of money in a good quality schedule, and then run a really poor-quality ad.  

It doesn't matter what type/format of advertising you're considering, the goal is the same - get potential customers to not only see you, but to respond to your offer. In the case of Image ads, they need to like you and remember you!  While on the subject of “image”, please consider this advice; don't put your kids in the spot. Yes, they're cute, but nobody but you and your family/friends even care that the kids are on TV. That does more harm than good.  

Many businesses work a "deal" with a TV station or Cable company to give them free production; well, you get what you pay for there. We're not saying that TV/Cable Production staff isn't capable of delivering quality, and we're not saying you have to pay a fortune for quality, but quality takes time and effort and that has a cost. If they're giving it away, then they're either charging you too much for the schedule to make up the cost, or they're not devoting enough time to quality, or both. Remember, freebies generally don't end up on the top of the thoughtful pile.

Good creative production begins with first understanding your needs and objectives; not just putting a spot together that has the "whatever" you want to run. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance...You must carefully plan, script, shoot, and edit all while keeping those needs and objectives in the forefront of your mind. The final element here, and the most important, is to make sure that the message in the creative is right for the demographic of the schedule/placement.

At Strategic Placement Group, we have the talent and equipment dedicated to your ultimate goals.  Whether we’re talking static, motion, indoor, outdoor, studio, location shoots, Go Pro-action sequences, aerial drone footage, short-form :30 sec. spots or long-format video, we’re capable of creating top-shelf production to fit your needs.

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Social Media Management

Depending on your audience, social network marketing should be a tool for your business. It has become one of the most potent tools in online marketing. The emergence of social networking sites (i.e. FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) has made it easier to connect with customers who are predisposed to purchasing your product or service. Online awareness spreads quickly through social media, and knowing how to harness that momentum correctly can be a huge help to the growth of your business.  In our humble opinion, Social Media Marketing is the best thing to happen to the advertising world since the advent of color television!

Sadly, most businesses struggle in the social media department.  Having a page with an occasional post is not enough.  You must engage your audience and keep them engaged in you.  The best way to achieve that goal, in the social media realm, is to publish relevant, helpful and intriguing content on a regular basis.  The term “regular” is subjective to your business and marketing strategies; four posts per week, two posts per day, or somewhere in the middle.  Luckily for you, we offer Social Media Management to help you with all that mess.

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Print Advertising

Print advertising is extremely versatile. For as many purposes as it can serve, print advertising takes on nearly as many formats.

The following are some examples of the various media included in print advertising:

  • Outdoor/Billboards
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Brochures
  • Direct Mail
  • In-Store Signage, just to name a few…

As we said, print is versatile. Remember that whole “study of the human mind” thing we talked about earlier?  Yes?  Good - you are reading our entire site!  Well, for that reason, Print should be classified as a secondary or even tertiary buy (depending on your objectives).  Print can be a great compliment to other advertising that you are doing; if done properly. Do you see a theme running here yet?

Of the items listed above, In-Store Signage is probably the most important.  Why?  Have you ever seen an ad for a big sale event at some store, then get to the store and it just looks plain with no excitement?  Yeah, so have we.  It doesn’t make sense that a business would spend all the time, money and energy to create and run a campaign for a promotion to attract customers, but not spend any time, energy or money internally.  So, what, the potential customer gets all excited from what they saw and comes to your store to find nothing going on?  Did they miss the sale?  What we’re talking about here is internal marketing.  Make your shop match the ads.  If you think the external marketing will be appealing and exciting to people, then make sure they have that same feeling when they arrive.  It’s just that simple.

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